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High Quality Screw Piles in Melbourne & Victoria

Contractors around the globe rely on screw pile foundations to create the ideal environment for building and development. First used in the 1800s, these sturdy building tools still ensure safety and stability today.

Come to A Access Piling & Rock Drilling when you need screw piles. Our Melbourne, Victoria-based company services the whole of Victoria, as well as South Australia and Southern New South Wales.

Screw Piling Contractors

Contractors use screw piles in many industries, from railways to lighthouses. When you need rapid building that displaces the minimum soil amount and protects nearby structures, you choose screw piles.

When you need this foundation option, choose A Access Piling & Rock Drilling. We own and operate a wide range of equipment. No matter what kind of project you have, we can supply the equipment you need. Our equipment includes specialised, precision machinery that works even in:

  • Locations where the equipment must reach great depths
  • Remote locations
  • Rocky conditions

Trust our expertise

Since A Access Piling & Rock Drilling began in 1995, we have provided efficient, specific expertise. We make it our goal to work closely with our clients, ensuring safe, effective and lasting construction.

Each of our team members draws from years of experience and exhibits highly honed skills in the industry. When you choose A Access Piling & Rock Drilling, you choose to work with people you know you can trust. You can also rest assured that the technicians working on your project have the skills needed to install screw piles in Melbourne, Victoria or anywhere else.

Our company values your satisfaction so highly that our founder provides his own mobile number so you can reach him for a discussion at any time. Ring Russell on 0418 353 238 to troubleshoot any delays or problems on your project. Alternatively, you can reach him by email at 

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